Hope this Doesn’t Shock You!

This is KEY!!!

So, what is photography huh? Photography is basically life. Without having  photography in your life you are not truly living. You may think that your alive but really you are just living. We want people to understand that by having pictures you are definitely do justice to yourself and to all of your surroundings. It does not make sense to go through life without looking back. You need to look back to see how things used to be or just to see some type of growth that has happened in your life. Pictures bring endless value and by not having them in your life you are missing out on a lot of well thought out memories that will never happen because you decided that you did not want to take the extra time to buy a 3$ camera, we are not even saying that the camera has to be expensive all it really has to do is get the job done and that is it. We know finances may be hard for some people to come by and that is why we are not asking you guys to break your bank! We just do not want you guys to go back and remember your life regretfully.

We Want Every Moment of Your Life to be Special 

What could we possibly mean by this, what we are trying to say is every single moment of your life needs to be taken into account and what better way to account your life than with a simple photo? I honestly do not know if there is a better way to do this. We have seen this happen time and time again people are to cool to take pictures and end up not taking them because they want to spend so much time being in the moment that they do not even capture the current moment. Now you are messing up the whole time line by doing that. You want to be apart of everythign you do and fossilize it, think about this what would of happened if yo momma never saved any baby pictures or even your sixth grade picture of yourself? Do you know how sad that would feel knowing you do not even have a picture to look at? I feel like if that were to happen then you would really understand what the feeling of regret meant, so really just make sure you are absorbed with every moment of your life because you only have so many and once your life is over you will surely be pleased knowing how many moments that you have made.


Have We Inspired You

We hope we have inspired you to the point where you feel like it is your mission to have an awesome life and in order ot have an awesome life you will surely need a camera. Do not be one of those people who wishes or looks back and is like dang i should of… those people end up taking L’s and it is 2017 get yourself a W – NorriePhotos